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2:12 Team Lady


amy and tina

Happy Sunday evening, darlings. I hope you’re prepping your snacks for Tina and Amy’s (Golden) Globe takeover. I’m so grateful to have come of age in an era where endearingly nerdy lady comics are every bit as celebrated as professional football players and viral videos of seemingly boneless baby kitties fitting themselves into nesting bowls. I’m also grateful for Golden Globe guacamole. And Girls. I am a voice of a generation, and that generation is pro female lead… and pro finger-food. Seriously. We’re the luckiest.

Look for a post tomorrow on what it means to be a woman right now. Tonight, I just want to tell you all how beyond inspired I’m feeling lately.  I spent some time with a dear friend yesterday who never fails to reenforce that we have so much to look forward to. You guys, the trajectory of my life has been making sense. The things I want out of adulthood suddenly seem within my reach. And I’m currently in possession of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day… So. #winning.

That’s all for tonight, friends, because guacamole. Real talk tomorrow.



Author: twitchysister

Hey you! is largely devoted to musings on what balance means to an urbane, artsy-fartsy twenty-something. It’s tough out here for us post-grad women: if you’re not homeless, you’re doing something right. But do you, too, worry that you spend too much time furrowing your brows over your future when you should be unwrapping and relishing your present? Do you, like me, sometimes feel like everyone expects you to be the type of person who spends the majority of her entry-level “arts” paycheck on fifteen dollar old-timey cocktails, four a.m. cab rides home and everything sequined on the Urban Outfitters sale rack when, perhaps, you are really the type of person who would rather drink cucumber mint kale juice while wearing yoga pants and Googling reiki techniques? Is it possible that such a person is one and the same, and she is fabulous in her own, very confused right? Sister girl, I hear you. I know you. I accept you. I also know in my happy gut, full heart and coffee-addled brain that you and I are gorgeous glow worms, just as we are! We are sparkle ponies of light and love and we are still in the process of teasing out our true, authentic selves with all of this… living. So if you don’t have it figured out, if you acknowledge that you never will and that is tremendously exciting, if you want to connect with other smart chicks and tap into that charming inner-self of yours, then come back real soon, ya hear? We’re family now!

8 thoughts on “2:12 Team Lady

  1. V happy for you Rosie Glow! The way you write about All The Good Things is infectious. Me thinks it’s time to dance to this:

    • ALSO: I am *so* excited about the return of GIRLS. Unhealthily so, even. How am I meant to concentrate on my thesis when I am also wondering about things like Shosh’s hair, Hannah and Adam, Marnie’s singing career and Jessa’s sex life?

    • I LOVE Pharrell. Despite Blurred Lines, even… he just got mixed up in a douchey crowd I think. Natalia, doesn’t he just have the most adorable face? Awww.

      • This is true. We are all allowed to make mistakes, as we are all flawed human beans at the end of the day. And yes, his face does make it that much harder to hold a grudge against him.

  2. And if you were not an ocean away, I’d show up on your doorstep ready to watch Hannah bumble through life with ruptured ear drumbs (ew ew ew) in a hot second.

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  4. YOU THE BEST, GIRL. Like seriously. We’re gonna take this whole world by its antlers (because it totally has them) and just tell it where we’re going. I’m so excited for positive trajectories!!!!

  5. THE WORLD TOTALLY HAS ANTLERS. You’re so great. Go us.

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