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2:8 Phresh Out the Frontal Lobe



Hello Sweet Friend! Can I just say, I’m loving my new system for keeping track of my blogging frequency? (That’s the 2:8 in the title, bids.) Full disclosure: with the advent of 2014, I resolved to write at least 5 days a week — the exact details of my blogging resolution were meant to stay secret so as to avoid false promises and stuff. Oopsie daisy. Anyway, as one who tends to perpetually shoot for the moon, perpetually miss, and perpetually land in the weeds somewhere (i.e. my goals are often a lil’ too lofty sometimes, Idk), I’m astounded at how easy it’s been to exceed my own writing expectations this year.

Go me.

Because I’m #winning in the resolution department, and because I think the world at large should focus on pushing its collective creative limitations instead of, say, losing ten pounds before spring break, I feel I have some wisdom to offer budding bloggers.

If you have the urge to start a blog, first read this: the why, and go forth, Darling! I will welcome you to the fold with loving arms and twitchy keyboard fingers. Once you begin, though, the trick is to consistently come up with fresh content that you believe in. Here’s how:

1. Let your blog evolve with  you. I’ve talked about what wellness means to me before, and from an entirely practical angle, widening my definition of wellness allowed me to cover a more diverse array of topics. Truth: I have more on my mind than green juice. Boys, books, career goals, crafting, feminist propaganda, making sense of dat lyfe… all serve their purpose in keeping me whole and happy. As such, these subjects fall under my umbrella of “wellness” and I give myself permission to talk about any and all of them at will. Score! Don’t limit yourself just so you can call yourself a health blogger or a DIY blogger or whatever. Be all of the things. It’s your outlet: make it fit whatever electrifies you.

2 If you don’t have anything nice to say, go ahead and be an asshole. I don’t know anyone who’s positive all the time, and if I did, I wouldn’t trust them. Unless you are a psychopath (totally likely that you would be reading this, now that I think about it), your rage probably comes from a caring place… so talk about it. You can’t fake an internet persona long-term, Homie. If you strive to be 100% you, you’ll come across as super genuine and everyone will love you. They’ll write odes to you in your comments section. They’ll pimp you out all across the Twitter-verse. Truth. Be yourself.

3. Quit apologizing for disappearances. This is a “do as I say, not as I do” sorta deal. Everyone occasionally needs time off from blogging. Explain yourself if you want (I’ve done itmore than once), but don’t dwell and don’t say sorry if you don’t mean it. If you need you-time, take it and come up with some baller blog topics in the interim.

4. Don’t disappear entirely though. To continually create new content, you have to show up. You can’t expect your readers to hold you accountable — they’ll stop comin’ round if nothing’s ever new. You presumably started a blog because you needed a venue in which to voice all of your brilliant thoughts… so use some of that brilliance to come up with a schedule or strategy that you can stick to. I can feasibly blog five days per week. Be honest with yourself: maybe you’ll be satisfied with checking in bi-weekly, and that’s totally cool.

5. Everything is blog fodder. I don’t mean that you should sell out all your friends and exes on the internet. I mean that your life informs your writing and your writing informs your life. As a writer, you develop the ability to make gorgeous, heartbreaking connections between your physical world, your emotional world and your intellect. Would you like an example of the writerly connections I made out of a perfectly mundane situation today? Of course you would! Today I bought a suede brush for my salt speckled shoes. Emotionally, I was weirdly sad about the possibility of having destroyed these shoes that I purchased with my hard earned money. I called to mind gifts of yore that I didn’t treat with the respect they deserved – clothes tossed on the floor, library books earmarked. I felt undeserving of 26 years of privilege when I bought that suede brush. Intellectually, I’ve been studying up on zen practice, so I know that in some parts of the world, shoes are considered sentient beings, and going forward, I should treat them as such. Or something. See? That was such a weird little half-story. You have opinions and wells of hot emotion in regards to most everything — use ’em.

6. Finally, not everything you write has to be incredible. I believe in quality content, but sometimes you just need to write something and slap it on the internet so you can say you did it… and then do it again the next day. Do what you need to do to get into the habit of producing work that you’re proud of, even if that includes some attempts that, in hindsight, you’re not so proud of. You’ll get there. Keep going.

That’s all for now, loves. Talk soon. Real soon.


Author: twitchysister

Hey you! is largely devoted to musings on what balance means to an urbane, artsy-fartsy twenty-something. It’s tough out here for us post-grad women: if you’re not homeless, you’re doing something right. But do you, too, worry that you spend too much time furrowing your brows over your future when you should be unwrapping and relishing your present? Do you, like me, sometimes feel like everyone expects you to be the type of person who spends the majority of her entry-level “arts” paycheck on fifteen dollar old-timey cocktails, four a.m. cab rides home and everything sequined on the Urban Outfitters sale rack when, perhaps, you are really the type of person who would rather drink cucumber mint kale juice while wearing yoga pants and Googling reiki techniques? Is it possible that such a person is one and the same, and she is fabulous in her own, very confused right? Sister girl, I hear you. I know you. I accept you. I also know in my happy gut, full heart and coffee-addled brain that you and I are gorgeous glow worms, just as we are! We are sparkle ponies of light and love and we are still in the process of teasing out our true, authentic selves with all of this… living. So if you don’t have it figured out, if you acknowledge that you never will and that is tremendously exciting, if you want to connect with other smart chicks and tap into that charming inner-self of yours, then come back real soon, ya hear? We’re family now!

4 thoughts on “2:8 Phresh Out the Frontal Lobe

  1. look at you all New Years Resolution-ing! i see an Intelli blogging date in our very near future… <3

  2. P-p-p-p-please! Welcome back, Darling!

  3. Woohoo, I just want to copy and paste this onto my blog. Everything is fodder. I keep thinking about Julie and Julia today, because I baked cookies last night to bring to work in response to a shitty work week (sorry for the swears Rose’s mom). I baked my frustrated little heart into those cookies, and was like “THIS IS BLOG FODDER” also, I wish I was Julia Child and Julie Powell simultaneously, which is not a real attainable goal.

    Here’s to not saying sorry for not blogging!

  4. Aw girl! You’re all the Julias in one. Smooch.

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