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On Writing Again


Oh hello again! Look at me, bloggin’ on the reg like a CHAMP/creep. APPARENTLY, telling women to smile is an even more widespread epidemic than I thought. One sassy Facebook commenter led me here… I’ll have that response in my back pocket next time, Emily!

Anywho. RG readers, you are too good to me. My presence around here has been spotty at best in the past few months — basically ever since I announced that I am writing a book. I’d love to tell you that I’ve been spending all of the time I haven’t been blogging writing my millennial manifesto, but that would be a lie. Not an unobtrusive white lie, but… like… a ten foot tall, radioactive-chartreuse, super sparkly lie that sings show tunes. Like that lie personified would be a musical theater kid. Or Rupaul. You know? I wrote about my book-writin’ struggles a bit here, while simultaneously imploring you to be first readers. I had loads of brilliant, enthusiastic volunteers and I still haven’t delivered. Because…???

Because I’m #theworst. Because I fell off the proverbial writing wagon (which is a converted station wagon covered in quill pens and chauffered by Sylvia Plath, FYI… not some Oregon Trail sh*t. This is MY blog, mmkay?). That’s why. Because for many, many months I committed to waking up at 5:00 a.m. to pour my guts on paper and then I just stopped.

As you all know by now, figuring out how to live my best, most balanced life and sharing my findings with you guys is my ultimate passion. Thus… I’ve spent some time questioning whether or not devoting myself to a craft and possibly missing out on friend stuff/boy stuff/bar stuff is “worth it”. Newsflash: Tuesday night party people HATE it when you leave at 10:00 p.m. Boyfriends HATE it when you wake up at 5:00 a.m. But I have determined the following:

I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a book deal. 

I’d rather have a book deal than another Whistler drink. I’d rather be a square… with a book deal. I’d rather come across as too intense and too disciplined and terrifyingly over-caffeinated (true… true… TRUE) than not have a book deal.

So, obviously, I have a plan. As of today, I have reinstated my morning routine (write/coffee/run) and intend to alternate between blogging days and book days. Soooo that’s what I’m gonna do and I’m pretty pumped about it. Can I get a holla from my fellow nerds?!

What do you need to recommit to? Tell me in the comments! Um, also, Christian Slater and Steve Zahn  are totes filming a T.V. show in my office today and I hardcore creeped on my way to lunch. Just sayin’.


Author: twitchysister

Hey you! is largely devoted to musings on what balance means to an urbane, artsy-fartsy twenty-something. It’s tough out here for us post-grad women: if you’re not homeless, you’re doing something right. But do you, too, worry that you spend too much time furrowing your brows over your future when you should be unwrapping and relishing your present? Do you, like me, sometimes feel like everyone expects you to be the type of person who spends the majority of her entry-level “arts” paycheck on fifteen dollar old-timey cocktails, four a.m. cab rides home and everything sequined on the Urban Outfitters sale rack when, perhaps, you are really the type of person who would rather drink cucumber mint kale juice while wearing yoga pants and Googling reiki techniques? Is it possible that such a person is one and the same, and she is fabulous in her own, very confused right? Sister girl, I hear you. I know you. I accept you. I also know in my happy gut, full heart and coffee-addled brain that you and I are gorgeous glow worms, just as we are! We are sparkle ponies of light and love and we are still in the process of teasing out our true, authentic selves with all of this… living. So if you don’t have it figured out, if you acknowledge that you never will and that is tremendously exciting, if you want to connect with other smart chicks and tap into that charming inner-self of yours, then come back real soon, ya hear? We’re family now!

12 thoughts on “On Writing Again

  1. Christian Slater – stop. You’re blowing my mind.

    I have recently recommitted myself to bringing my lunches / breakfasts to work every day and to working out at least three days a week. Feeling like a champion. Now if only I could come up with a study schedule for my GRE that would just stick… can’t wait to read the forthcoming book, gal! Write like a motherf*cker.

  2. Holla! :)

    (I feel the same way about my singing career. Most days I would rather have a singing career than a boyfriend.)

  3. right? i know we don’t have to choose in the long run… but i’m kinda thinking that i would rather date someone who’s too busy doin’ his thang to loaf around with me right now anyway. you know? like… let’s make out when we’re in our 30′s and have our lives together and are #richandfamous? maybe?

  4. I would rather have a book deal than a boyfriend.

    I don’t think I have ever read something so perfect as that sentence.

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