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2:105 Our Intention Creates Our Reality…?

By the very lovely Jen Corace

By the very lovely Jen Corace

Sweet Friend! Greetings from my months-long state of limbo, which as it turns out, has nothing to do with doing the limbo — although imagining myself in stupefied reverse hunchback seems illustrative of my current plight: my back-achey, self-focused, unable to effectively move forward because aerodynamics the Goddamned (beautiful, don’t hate) Universe appears to be testing me… still… plight. Less in a Job way, more in a Season 2 Marnie Michaels kind of way.


That’s not to say my life hasn’t been rich as sh*t. This weekend alone involved a burlesque opera performance by moi and the rest of Lingerie Lyrique at a fundraiser for {she crew}. THEY HAD A PATRIARCHY PINATA THAT WE COULD LITERALLY SMASH and obviously I was excited about it. I also had the honor of participating in a Comfort Station Logan Square community forum about gentrification and generally bettering my hood, which, it so happens, was attended by really important political figures (state rep, alderman, chamber of commerce guy, etc.) and impassioned community members of all stripes… not just the young, hip Comfort Station staff as we had all feared. And I went to a garage band festival and drank a lot of PBR and floated around in the lusty spring air and swung on swings meant for babies in the nighttime like a bonafide wildewoman #YOLO

I’ve also been yoga-ing it up, and you can laugh at me if you’d like, but I make all sorts of life connections on the mat… even if I can’t do crow pose. Yoga asks us to set an intention to begin each class — at least my kind of yoga does; that is, the kind wherein we talk about pranas and chakras and spend more time chanting than we spend on ab work because, I’m sorry, Tibetan monks did not participate in anything called “crunch time.” It occurred to me that maybe I should set more intentions for, you know, LYFE, so that I can make something of all my disparate activities. So that I can stand erect, turn off the Harry Belafonte, and take in my surroundings from the vantage point of a tall, proud, perpendicular person. So that I can be present enough to ask myself at any given moment: am I honoring my intention right now?

My intentions for today are to enjoy myself, to live openly, and to learn something about my purpose… so methinks blogging is a positive start! Join me in setting an intention for the day, for the hour, whatever… and tell me in the comments! I, ahem, intend to get inspired by all of you :)




2:100 The Unicorn Manifesto

Dahlings, I don’t mean to brag, but I’m, like, the weirdest. Always have been. Always will be… just FYI. And following periods in which my future and I are metaphysically shat upon by The Universe over and over again — the downswing, if you will — I tend to spend a lot of time reading about magical people, manifesting our dreamiest dreams, higher purposes, etc., because I believe in all of the aforementioned hippie crap. And you should, too. Below, LYFE, as defined by yours truly.

1. You can will things to happen. When you take the time to figure out who you are and what you want, and then you ask for what you want, you usually receive it. Consider it a reward for doing the work that comes with self awareness… except:

2. A lot of times it turns out you didn’t want what you thought you did … because you don’t actually know anything. As far as I can tell, The Universe doesn’t want to make things easy for you. The Universe wants to expose truths — gradually, and as you grow ready for them. Maybe the closest approximation to a cosmic end goal is a wholly philosophical populace armed with the necessary experience to do and make some game changing stuff. Maybe. But I don’t know anything either.

3. Pay attention and The Universe will whisper your purpose to you. When you drain your brain of mental effluvia (i.e. How do I continue to fund my groovy lifestyle? Am I allergic to mangoes? Should an adult woman own more than one bra? Who is Juan Pablo? Etc.), you make room for the aforementioned truth. You could meditate, if that’s your jam… but that’s just extra. To properly assess what you’re supposed to be doing, you have to engage. So I write. And I run and I paint Juggalo cats. And then I process all of my doings – maybe through meditation… but more likely through more writing or in between episodes of The Mindy Project while I simultaneously eat cookies off of my stomach #glamour. There’s no right way to live presently and mindfully, but when you find what works for you, things start to make sense. That said, …

4… We don’t have any control. Even if you’re the sparkliest, unicorn-y-est person, you’re still just a person, and The Universe could squash you at any moment. Sorry guys. BUT there’s always a point to the squashing: a major lesson to be learned so that you can best navigate your path, once you’ve scooped up and reassembled all of your recently flattened unicorn guts. The trick is to keep paying attention, keep doing your thing (Juggalo. Cats.). And once you have an understanding of what your purpose is, you can always come back to it… as long as you don’t get distracted.

5. BECAUSE JEALOUSY GIVES YOU METAPHYSICAL PIMPLES. Comparing yourself to others serves only to clog your truth-receiving pores. We’re all in this together, and your path is just as valid and necessary as everyone else’s. So some people were born with trust funds and Kardashian/West genes and diamond encrusted everything: those people have sh*t to deal with that you’ve never even considered. Stop worrying about them

6. … Judgement gives you pimples, too. I get a lot of side eyes. Maybe you wouldn’t wear thigh highs to an apple orchard #projecting. That’s cool. But when you judge me for my choices, fashion or otherwise, you’ve lost your path. You’re off-roading, basically, but it’s not fun if YOU’RE not fun, you know? Joy comes from within, and wiggly, amorphous blobs like myself can hold, like, way more joy than squares can.

Biddies, tell me your manifestos! How do you find meaning in this lovely mess? This is either the start of a wholly enlightening conversation or a super scary cult, and I would just like to say that I am unwilling to shave my head at this juncture.



2:99 Happy. Hungry. Vain.


Hello, little gremlins. Spring has (almost barely not quite) arrived; speedy and surefooted as an octogenarian marathon runner, and just as alluring in bike shorts . Though surely fecund with inspiration beneath the dusty layers of…old… this winter’s been a tough nut to crack, eh?


I owe you all a legitimate confession re: why I appear to have become a fatalist as of late — but not today. Today we’re sitting in the shallow end of the baby pool where we babies are permitted to discuss three things and three things ONLY:  boyz springtime food, beauty and sunshiney doings that could put the proverbial spring back in our collective step. As such, I am hereby instituting the Happy. Hungry. Vain Series.

Happy (aforementioned sunshiney doings):

  • I am blessed with art. Everywhere. In the past week, I’ve played cultured groupie to a Swedish Gypsy Rap Band; a ballet that half-served as a reinterpretation of Edward Gorey illustrated stories, half-served as an ode to Freddy Mercury; artist in residence at Comfort Station, Renee Robbins…  and Ann Patchett. As a result, I’m inspired to channel my inner Muppets Chef/Macklemore, don my pilgrim-goth cloak, and write the next great American novel.
  • I’ve been making again. With the advent of spring, my twitchy fingers tromp my inherent sloth. Amidst the pictorially alluded to flower crowns, sketches and Barbie ™ Carcass Couture that I’m always kinda workin’ on, I’m painting couple portraits of all of my friends who are marrying one another. I’m 26. There’s an engagement epidemic… if you’re newly infected, I can tell you right now: you’re getting a charming couple characterization (oil on canvas) by Rose. OH, and I’m working on a burlesque revival piece on the women’s suffrage movement with Lingerie Lyrique. Normal.  (You can see us at the {she crew} Sadie Hawkins dance on Friday!)
  • New friends. Blooming the world over like loamy dandelion fluff. Smooch.


  • Feeling rawful. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I eat very healthily and very vegan-ly… but this past winter; somewhere between “I can’t feel my ears” and “All of my loungewear is crusted in cat hair…. meh,” I got a little heavy handed with the oil/salt/nuts/other necessary hibernate-y evil edibles. I also succumbed to buying a LOT of meals out because… convenience and cold… so now I’m broke and craving raw food. I’ve been carting a liter of homemade green juice in an air tight mason jar to work every day, and pretty much exclusively feasting on raw fruits, veggies and (cooked) quinoa — simultaneously simplifying things at the grocery store and making me feel like a rawk star. There are no Draconian regulations to my little “cleanse”. I will keep it up as long as I feel like keeping it up — but if you’re cute and you want to treat me to a taco or a whiskey sour: yes. A thousand times yes.


  • I’m really gonna do it. I’m really gonna dye my hair lavender, and you can’t stop me! (Said the tween rebel.) Like a matte platinum – lavender. Sometimes I pin about it.
  • Grease lightning. I mentioned this here, but oil pulling truly is everything it’s cracked up to be. My teeth are dramatically whiter, which makes sense… but also, my skin is clearer. Like way clearer. My understanding is this: your mouth is an open wound/a makeout party for feculent, fecund young microbes/a fermenting orifice of scum and rot #kissme. Oil pulling cleans the surface area of your mouth (i.e. NOT your gum’s crevices. You still gotta brush and floss that sh*t out, ya dig?) really effectively, so your body has time to remedy your second coming of puberty skin situation, and all of your other… situations. Swish for 20 minutes then spit it out in the garbage can. Voila. You’re perfect.
  • Treat yo’self. I’ve been to two beauty events this past week, for Sephora and Sun Times Splash, and was reminded that some amount of pampering is good for the soul. I might allocate some portion of my tax refund to pedicures… and massages! And blue mascara! Anyway, we’re babes. Never forget it.

Post your own Happy. Hungry. Vain list! And gimme your thoughts in the comments! More to come from me, lovebugs.



2:90 Unsettled


This reminds me that I am out of toilet paper.  Hope Gangloff.

This reminds me that I am out of toilet paper.
Hope Gangloff.

Hello Sweet Friends. I write today to express a wish you may not expect from the likes of me, what with my (once daily) preachings of EMBRACE CHANGE! Blithely create space amidst the chaos in which to make creepy things and say creepy things; space in which to let the process of unleashing your foamy-mouthed innards — your FEMINIST RAGE/your youthful obtuseness/your many-headed complexes/ your skittish, salivating, teeth-gnashing GUTS — keep your beauteous brain above in aqua pura. And while doggy paddling along in a tsunami is a necessary life skill requiring keen self awareness and bravery and absolutely every other character trait that I value… my arms are tired. I want a nap and a vegan ice cream cone. I haven’t published anything honest in weeks and my guts have essentially gnawed themselves to muculent nubs. Yeah, that’s right. Muculent. Nubs.

I’m sick of coping, sick of hustlin’. I am sick in general. I want to be settled — not in a married old lady kind of way, but in a wholly self-content, boss-ass bitch kind of way… just for a little while, you know? Since I started this blog, it’s become more apparent to me that I’m on a path. Reflecting on my interests and the ways I choose to spend my time have clarified my next destination, and I’m grateful for that. But for a while now, I’ve been stranded on the side of the road with the curbside litter and miscellany and a flat on my theoretical Schwinn. I’ve learned, in this limbo, that the frustrating part of finally figuring out what you want is living without it for an unknowable length of time. Now the question is “when?” When will Diddy roll up in his four-doored Fiat? When will a plaid-clad Logan Squarian come at me with a gleaming bike pump? When will I finally toss my helmet over my shoulder and declare “I’M WALKIN’, BITCHES!”?

Time will tell, homies. Time will tell. Truesdale out.



2:81 Sprung: A Love List


Unnamed revelers in the thaw.
Found on Pinterest. Do you know the artist?

Biddies. It’s Friday. Below, a humble love list:

1. I saw David Sedaris give a reading (largely straight from his diary) this week and it was magic. I adore his Lilliputian voice and stature and the way he explained his vest and ill-fitting, Fred Mertz-ian trousers before he began, lest we audience members wrongfully presume that he was “a vest person.” Never. If you want to feel all the feelings, read Now We Are Five.

2. In case you somehow missed all of my holier than thou #nunpun gloating, I was a sister on the Sound of Music Float in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Preach!

3. This is the weekend of dinner parties! Tonight: tacos. Tomorrow: Vernal Equinox Feast! I’m making guacamole and lemon roasted asparagus/an edible flower and golden beet salad/lavender lemon tartlets, respectively. Olé/I want my Maypole!

4. I am greeted by name at Whistler now. I went twice this week… Oopsie daisy.

5. TaskRabbit and Benefit delivered a SUPERB swag bag to my office on Tuesday — brimming with under eye de-puffers, look-alive makeup, healthy snacks and quality hydration — just because I tweeted them that I needed hangover help. Which wasn’t even true… I just wanted dat swag. Thank you TaskRabbit and Benefit!

6. Two of my favorite causes merged! Lingerie Lyrique is giving a special performance at the {she crew} fundraiser on April 11, and we start rehearsing this weekend. ALSO, the lovely {she crew} founders are giving a Tedx Talk in May! I am equal parts proud and impressed!!!

7. Lillstreet is hosting a FREE workshop open house tomorrow! Do some metal working! Throw a pot! Screen print a tote bag! Check it out.

8. This weekend, Comfort Station celebrates two of my favorite things: singing at the top of your lungs and bike season! FYI, my other favorite things are iced coffee and dancing to Motown music. Raindrops on roses are cool, too.

9. Have you all tried oil pulling? I know Sandy has! I’ve been doing it for about a week, and I think it’s doing something? I’m not sure if my teeth are visibly whiter, but it makes me feel so fresh and so clean (clean.)

10. I’M GOING TO MAKE STUFF THIS WEEKEND. Sunday is reserved for bedazzling, collaging, painting, feng shui-ing my kitschy lil’ heart out! AND IT’S GOING TO BE SO GREAT.

What are you lovin’? Fill me in, G!



2:80 This is My Horizon


Alexandra Levasseur
I think this girl looks like me. Does that, too, make me a narcissist?

One of my biggest insecurities is that, by virtue of writing this blog, everyone thinks I’m an egomaniac. For the record, I’m also insecure about my finances and my abnormally malodorous feet, but THAT is quality blog fodder for another day, my friends.

Speaking of blog fodder, it would be pretty easy to dismiss my own thoughts as unimportant. For example, the internet probably doesn’t need to know about my smelly feet, or the fact that one of my most beloved coworkers thinks her cat smells like butter cookies, or that I just signed up  to play softball make daisy chains in left field on Tuesday nights. I could beware the internet trolls, or take note of the fact that everyone hates Hannah for making everything about her. Truth, though: I’m a lot like Hannah. The very selfish parts of her are aggrandized to prove a point, obviously, but if my editor died… I would want to know the fate of my book. I wouldn’t embarrass myself at said editor’s funeral or fabricate a cousin who died at childhood to prove to my boyfriend that I had feelings (mostly because I have tons of feelings and no boyfriend), but, like Hannah, I believe my voice is worthy of being heard.

That’s right. My thoughts matter, b*tchez.

The thing is, your thoughts matter, too. If you’re keeping your unique perspective hidden because you’re afraid of judgement, I consider that selfish. You’re doing the Universe a disservice by stifling your sparkle. You Sparkle Stifler. Because we can only expand our own horizons if we acknowledge and explore the horizons of others. And this is my horizon… b*tchez.

Happy Vernal Equinox, darlings! You got something to say? Say it below!



2:79 A Lot Going On at the Moment


Clutter buddies. Where to begin?

Beautiful readers, I’m alive! Despite my recurring nightmare in which I’m buried —  stockinged legs wiggling a la the Wicked Witch of the West Side – beneath a house comprised of pungent gym clothes; unclaimed 1098 tax forms; and a self-perpetuating loop of “urgent” emails read aloud by a sneering Mo Rocca (I still love you, Mo Rocca), here I am… mouth-breathing on account of my stymied sinuses, meditating on public transit on account of my forever-humming low grade anxiety, and gorging myself on coconut-ash and banana super dark chocolate on account of… it’s delicious. Plus pictured above: post-beach volleyball in a vintage Armani skirt, rum punch in hand, because #typical and below: dressing up like a nun amidst all of the 18% Irish sinners at the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parade while acknowledging the inherent irony therein.

Bless this mess. Amen.

Bless this mess. Amen.

I haven’t been writing. Not really. I’ve long suffered from Overachievers Disease, and true to character, I’ve lately been too focused on squeezing extra freelance/volunteer/performance opportunities into my days to make time for Free Form Fun (FFF). I know I think I hope this degree of regimented entropy is fleeting. It has to be. Since, as you know by now, I’m not Rose as I know her if I’m not making something.

Though I’m struggling a bit at present, I’m aware of my position as a cog in the machine of faux-indispensability. When I first read Tim Kreider’s The ‘Busy’ Trap in 2012, I thought he was simultaneously a genius and a smug asshole (the Kanye of The New York Times, if you will), but I’ve come to recognize his gospel — e.g.  “if your job wasn’t performed by a cat or a boa constrictor in a Richard Scarry book I’m not sure I believe it’s necessary…” as common sense. No one will perish if I don’t hit publish; if I don’t manage to send out a press release this instant, or I deploy a typo out into the ether… Likewise, no near-victim will be resuscitated by the stellar click-through rates of my latest email campaign. Because I’m not actually that important, and pretending to be that important doesn’t save me any time or energy. Pretending to be that important doesn’t save anyone or anything at all.

Wisdom saves, though. You can trust me. I’m a nun sometimes. And anyway, I’m talking about the wisdom that comes with realizing that you are just a person and all that really matters in terms of what you do with your life is whether or not you make yourself happy. Here, I mean the work that lights up your soul and exposes all that glitters for you to the world at large; whether through collage or journaling or quality conversation.  I mean the work that you may even simultaneously take pride in and get paid for (magic). The work that doesn’t matter is the work that feels like work; the aforementioned faux-indispensability — that highly contagious, unintentionally pompous mania that you caught from another cog who was just trying to carry out another cog’s boss’s vision, and so on and so forth up and down and around the ladder. Unfortunately, not everyone is as enlightened as you, and rather than fall ill to another’s malady of delusion, you just have to hold your nose and wash your hands clean of those highly evolved mutant spores — those squirming antibodies of discontent — and keep doing your thing. Because your thing, of all things, is the thing that counts.

What’s your thing? Have you been sticking to it, or are you too bogged down in your “more pressing” matters? Newsflash, BB: nothing is more pressing than doing what you love, and doing it often.



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